04.30.2016 | Press

Biden Launches Moon Shot for a Cancer Cure

Vice President Joe Biden conferred with cancer researchers in Philadelphia on Friday, chairing his first high-level meeting since adopting the cause of curing the disease as his personal mission in the Obama administration’s fourth quarter.

Few dispute the worthiness of the goal. But experts say that to really make a difference, Biden will have to overcome the grandiose “moon shot” expectations he created for himself and continue the effort far past the end of his term.

04.30.2016 | Press

We Need to Work Together to Stop Child Abuse

Nothing mattered more to my husband, Beau, than protecting Delaware’s children.

He knew it wasn’t an issue many people liked to discuss, but Beau knew how important it was to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Beau Biden made keeping children safe from abuse his life’s work.